A product has no value if it cannot be taken to market.

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A Professor of Innovation Management once used the following example.

If your company sells electric lawn mowers, you might think that your customer needs are to cut their lawn. Based on this assumption, you see your competition as any company that also provides machinery to cut lawn, eg. gas powered lawn mowers. Your company spends a lot on R&D into new methods of mowing lawn to keep your competitors out of the market.

But by keeping this narrow focus of cutting lawn, your company is open to disruption…

An innovation technique you’ve never heard of — being used by companies such as NASA, IBM, Samsung and others.

In Russian it is known as “Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch” — more commonly known by the acronym TRIZ. This technique has been used in everything from Aerospace Engineering to To-Do lists. In this post I’ll be telling you what it is and how to use it.

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In post Soviet Union Russia, inventor Genrich Altshuller developed TRIZ by studying over 45,000 patents and finding patterns between the patented inventions and the problems that they had solved. …

Peter Kruger

Mechatronic Engineer | Innovation Researcher

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